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Kvik is constantly investigating potential new markets and is always on the lookout for the right partners and suitable store sites. Could you be part of the future of Kvik?

Chapter 02.

Joining Kvik

... means joining the future. Kvik is a growth company with a very dynamic concept. To take our concept forward, we are looking for the right partners who have determination and commitment.

Many considerations are involved in taking the step to become part of Kvik’s successful concept. The decision is yours entirely, but I would like to assure you personally that, once you have made that decision, we are partners. We both have a great responsibility to do everything to ensure that your particular Kvik store succeeds.

The most important thing is for your ambitions to match ours so that we can create the best basis for your success.

Jens-Peter Poulsen
Managing Director

Chapter 03.

The basics

To provide Danish design kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes at surprisingly low prices.

Everyone has the right to a cool kitchen. At Kvik, we insist that buying a kitchen should be as enjoyable as life in it.

The heart of the matter at Kvik - our values
The heart of the matter at Kvik is the encounter between customer and salesperson. This encounter determines whether Kvik acquires a customer for life. Everything we do – every day – must support this encounter. When the encounter with the customer is a success, it is a success for the whole of Kvik. As employees, we must keep this in mind as we go about our tasks.

Chapter 04.

The Kvik model

Kvik’s business model is based on a partnership system for sales of goods and services alike, as well as for marketing. Close ongoing dialogue between parent company and partners is the key to success in a proven concept where the best stores make a turnover on more than EUR 7 million with an EBIT of 8-10%.

The partner is given the full rights and obligations of running the business in line with the parent company’s concept. This means the proprietor of a Kvik store is his or her own boss while at the same time enjoying the benefits associated with being part of a large family and a strong concept.

Kvik provides full service to its partners, including in the form of centrally managed IT operation, marketing, a training programme, day-to-day support on the general operation of the store as well as the financial and administrative management. 

Accordingly, this 100% service gives partners the opportunity to create a sound business and generate healthy revenues for themselves.

Chapter 05.

The Kvik brand

The mission of providing fashionable solutions at surprisingly low prices reflects the image we want our customers to experience when they encounter Kvik on our website, in advertisements and in the stores. Kvik works to build and extend brand awareness and has therefore developed a strong communications platform capable of being accessed across multiple media.

Kvik deliberately strives to position itself differently from its competitors in terms of brand/design, price and service, carving out a unique position in the market.

The relationship between price, brand/design and service is unique and gives Kvik considerable clout and a competitive edge that meets current customer requirements for maximum value for money head on.

Chapter 06.

The store concept

The interior of the actual Kvik store is based on the centrally-developed Master Store that showcases both the breadth and depth of the relevant core range. Kvik only carries the most popular selection of products, in an immersive display within an exciting and inspiring store. The selected displays reflect contemporary solution at surprisingly low prices and forge a natural link with the latest catalogue.

A black portal with the Kvik logo surrounds the entrance to the store. The showroom floor generally measures approx. 250–300 m2 and the warehouse approx. 200–250 m2, so
total store area is approx. 500-700 m2.

The ideal location for Kvik stores is in large to medium-sized towns/cities in open retail parks where other kitchen stores or similar shops are also to be found.

Chapter 07.

History of Kvik

Kvik was founded by Knud Boel Troelsen in 1983. A key USP is delivery within 8 days from purchase - hence the Danish name for fast ''Kvik''.

To start with, Kvik is sold through existing retailers. A great deal of entrepreneurial spirit is in evidence during the first few years, and many new projects see the light of day – including other kitchen companies.


The first Kvik stores are opened


Kvik opens a split store concept, each with its own product line. The red stores and the yellow stores address different target groups, with two different product lines.


Kvik introduces the term SociableKitchen®, which in essence is a philosophy on how to be together at home. The central idea is to move the kitchen fittings away from the wall and into an open area, where the whole family can participate in the pulsating and active life in the kitchen.


is a turning point for the company. Co-ownership becomes the route to success and the idea of a franchise-based company is launched. In 2000, Kvik moves across the Danish border and establishes stores in Sweden.


The entire store concept is changed. The franchise model is gaining in popularity and the identity of Kvik is reflected in the new slogan ''Everyone can afford a cool kitchen''. 2002 also marks Kvik's entry into Norway and Finland.


Kvik founder Knud B. Troelsen sells his life’s work to to Ballingslöv International AB of Sweden, while Kvik opens stores in The Netherlands and Belgium.


Kvik is also introducing the Souloasis®, which turns the bathroom into a place for extravagant self-indulgence. Big bathtubs and shower booths and lots of space dominates the general idea behind the Souloasis®.


As an addition to the XL cabinets – Kvik introduces the XXL drawers. In combination, XL and XXL add up to 40% more room in the drawers. 2007 also sees the opening of stores in Spain and France.


Kvik celebrates its 25 anniversary. In the latter part of 2008, Kvik meets the global financial crisis head-on with an aggressive marketing strategy. Among other things this means changing the slogan to ''Everyone can afford a cool kitchen''. In Denmark Kvik doubles it market share within a year.


The expansion train is moving once again and new stores pop up all over Scandinavia. Turnover is again climbing upwards and approximates DKK 900 million which is close to the 2007 record.


Kvik continues expansion in new and existing markets. A brand-new market for Kvik is Thailand, which sees the opening of stores in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Also, Kvik opens a store on the Faroe Islands.


The Ballingslöv group starts a new business area in Asia spearheaded by Carsten B. Andersen as CEO of Ballingslöv International Asia. Former CEO of the Ballingslöv-owned companies DFI-Geisler and JKE-Design, Erik Theill, steps in as interim Kvik managing director. Kvik abandons its slogan ''Everyone has the right to a cool kitchen'' for the more internationally suited ''Kvik – Smart in Danish''. In addition, Kvik launches the Basiq range as an even more affordable kitchen solution.


Kvik signs an agreement for a four-year sponsorship of the Danish women’s handball national team. On January 1 2013, Jens-Peter Poulsen relieves Erik Theill as managing director of Kvik A/S as Kvik also increases the number of stores to 136.


This is the year, when Kvik celebrates 30 years in the market and the launch of design collection Verner Panton by Kvik. In February 2013 Kvik opens a store in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Kvik abandons the slogan ''Kvik - Smart in Danish'' and re-introduces the old slogan ''Everyone has the right to a cool kitchen''. The new kitchen solution Tinta by Kvik is introduced.

Chapter 08.

Kvik, your business partner

Kvik is with you right from the start and all the way – from the opening of the store to the day-to-day operation of the store. Specifically, as a Kvik partner, you can expect support in the form of:
• a ready-made store
• training in sales, products as well as financial and project management skills
• assistance with employing and training sales staff
• marketing
• product development
• purchasing
• customer support

Kvik support creates the framework to enable you, the partner, to devote your time to the customers to give them the best possible guidance and purchasing experience. Kvik is responsible for the strategy, development and growth of the chain, and works in a targeted way with:
• product development/range
• purchasing
• marketing/branding
• suppliers/logistics
• statistics/analyses
• training
• IT
Kvik helps to ensure revenue and turnover growth in the retail trade.

Chapter 09.

Kvik and partner

We prefer you to have:
• managerial and sales experience
• a dynamic, strong, positive personality
• a well-connected local network
• some investment capital available
• the ability to create customers for life
• good basic numeracy

As a partner, you are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the shop and all that this entails, such as:
• serving customers
• recruiting staff
• maintaining and updating the store and warehouse
• motivating, planning and managing
• taking responsibility for store revenue

Chapter 10.

Join Kvik now

Do you dream of having your own store and selling fashionable kitchens at surprisingly low prices? Make your dream come true with Kvik. 

As a Kvik franchise owner you will enjoy the best of both worlds: you will be independent, but you will also receive strong back-up with Kvik as your partner. Kvik offers a proven and professional concept together with a strong brand that our franchisees must promote and live up to.

Chapter 11.

Available stores and new sites


Feel free to contact us if you have the right ambitions and competencies to manage your own Kvik store.


Helsinki City, Vaasa


Stores for sale: Barkaby, Länna, Skövde och Kristianstad - New locations: Uppsala, Västerås, Karlstad, Örebro, Norrköping, Linköping, Jönköping, Växjö


Oostende, Liège, Leuven, Turnhout, Roeselare


Alkmaar, Almere, Amsterdam South East, Gouda, Heerlen, Barendrecht, Amersfoort


Feel free to contact us if you have the right ambitions and competencies to manage your own Kvik store.


New store: Herlev, Horsens

Chapter 12.

Are you interested? opening your own Kvik store, or would you like to find out more about Kvik’s successful, proven concept?

Thank you

Over 130 stores

in Europe

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in the kitchen retail industry


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